Drowning Rose

‘Marika Cobbold is an exceptional novelist.’
The Observer

‘This wonderful Swedish novelist can always be relied upon to lace tales of real intellectual and emotional subtlety with her uniquely mischievous wit. …… Characteristically, Cobbold handles profound and delicate themes with a ceramicist’s lightness of touch.’
Daily Mail

‘No one writes about life quite like Marika Cobbold; no one combines light and dark, humorous and profound, joyous and sorrowful quite so expertly.’
Books Of The Year Guardian

‘I can’t recommend it enough.’
The Lady

‘Drowning Rose by Marika Cobbold – a novel about guilt, but one which brings light and warmth to the subject; perceptive, compassionate, atmospheric, optimistic and highly readable.’ 
Cornflower Books (included in their best novels of the year.)