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Now the book is finally finished and is to be published in the UK in early February

Posted on: Thursday, November 06, 2008

I wrote a piece for this section of my website when the site was first set up, in the expectation of adding to it soon afterwards with perky news about the latest book; its publication and all the madly exciting things I was doing to promote it.

That was four years ago. I have taken twice as long as I had planned writing my new novel, Aphrodite’s Workshop for Reluctant Lovers and have spent two years renovating a Georgian house in North London. Actually that sounds as if I have done the work myself, which I haven’t. What I mean to say is that I have been camping in the basement of a Georgian house in north London, getting cross and stressed, while my builders, very good builders, have renovated. But however good your builders are, life on a building site, even a Georgian one, is not the most conducive to creative writing. Especially not when the ceilings keep caving in.

Now the book is finally finished and is to be published in the UK in early February, in time for Valentine’s Day. The Swedish edition is out already, having been published in October and I was thrilled that it was selected as a main choice for Malou’s Book Club on TV 4. I have just returned from a couple of days in Stockholm recording the programme and earlier in the Autumn I was in my hometown of Gothenburg to speak at the book fair. The Gothenburg Book Fair is one of my favourite events. Unlike the other big fairs in Europe that are all about trade meeting trade, this one is organised with readers in mind and open to the general public. There are halls filled with stands to browse around, and countless seminars, panel discussions and author interviews.

Right now I feel a quiet sense of achievement. I’m pleased with this novel. My publishers are pleased with this novel (most important of course is that my readers will be pleased with it, but I am hopeful) and I have proven to myself that peace, quiet, sleep, hot water, a kitchen, let alone a room of one’s own, are non of them essential in order for one to write. On the other hand, desperation, dogged determination, an absolute refusal to make cups of tea unless they are for oneself, together with passion for the work, all come in very handy.

The builders are almost gone. (All right so we had another ceiling come down at the weekend but it was only a small ceiling and as the Pollyanna in me would say, I’m awfully glad to have a kitchen for the ceiling to come down into.) I am working on the next novel and looking forward enormously, albeit a little nervously, to the UK publication of Aphrodite’s Workshop For Reluctant Lovers.

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