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Autumn 2005

Posted on: Thursday, September 01, 2005

As I set up this web site I was told that I should write something under the section News & Events. The truth is, I don't have very much to say in that department as I am what's known, rather elegantly in the trade, as 'between books'. In reality that means that I am working very hard to finish my sixth novel and that I should have delivered it to my brilliant and longsuffering editor Alexandra Pringle at Bloomsbury, some time ago.

Of course, like most writers I want things both ways, i.e. I want to be asked, quite frequently, by my publishers when I think I might be finished, but in such a way that it's quite clear that they are not putting any pressure on me and are quite happy to wait for as long as it takes. So when I had an e-mail from my Swedish publisher, Eva Bonnier, At Albert Bonniers Forlag, saying, 'Just to see how you are and to say we're all longing for a new book.' I thought she had got the balance quite well: wanted but not hurried.

In fact I am at the stage of the writing that I like the best; rewriting. Producing the first draft is the hardest part of writing a novel as far as I am concerned. I don't plan before I embark on a new novel - no synopsis or maps or casts of characters – just Chapter One, page 1 and a leap into the unknown, usually in the company of a character with a problem. Some writers love that bit but I find it, quite frankly, stressful. (I am slightly comforted by the fact that Charles Dickens used to be spotted walking the streets banging his forehead with his fist and muttering 'A plot, a plot.')

But now I'm on the home straight. The story is there, pretty well, so I can concentrate on the language. I know my characters enough to relax with them and I am even starting to enjoy their company. Never the less, I will be pretty glad to be shot of them and get this book delivered, hopefully no later than March.

Being 'between books' also means there's very little to do in the way of publicity and appearances. I have just returned from speaking to the Gothenburg Literature Society and on Saturday the 19th of November I am looking forward to appearing at Surrey Libraries Reader's Day and on Saturday the 3rd of December I shall be speaking at Battersea Park Library. (I will give full details later in the months.) But that's pretty well it until the new book is published when I hope to visit as many reading groups and libraries as possible.

Until then, as autumn settles across my beloved urban landscape, I shall continue with my story of Rebecca Finch, Eros, and Coco the Bipolar Clown. Right now the working title for the novel is Dinner On Mount Olympus but I'm not sure if I'll keep it for the finished book.

Thank you again for clicking on to my website, keep well, and if you have any questions for me or just some comments, please click on contact and you'll find all the relevant information.

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