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Marika Cobbold
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What a welcoming website   posted on 03 June 2010

all the questions that I wanted asked about your work are here.
I'm particularly intruiged by your throwaway comment on how 'women writers are always patronised'.
Growing up, I greedily devoured my mother's library books and loved the portraits of the domestic tapestry of women's worlds (by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Jane Howard, Penelope Fitzgerald) . I grew up wanting to write about such worlds - only to discover that there wasn't really an ear for it anymore. It had morphed into something called 'Chick Lit' and had to come accompanied by dollops of chardonnay and happy endings.
I am so glad that you - along with others I could name - are flying the flag for a woman's right to literary writing about the small moments that matter- and are often the foundations for the larger ones.

» Tracy Hofman / London

looking forward to reading your latest book   posted on 27 May 2010

Enjoyed Frozen music enormously, due to our mutual background and with views on Sweden from a visitor's point of view. Lycka till och med varma hälsningar.

» Madeleine Voeler Underwood / Luxembourg

Hello   posted on 18 February 2010

Marika, it's @stewart from Twitter, I started reading Shooting Butterflies earlier & am really enjoying what I am reading, hope to Tweet soon xxx

» Stewart C.Bailey / Bedford, United Kingdom

Shooting butterflies   posted on 07 January 2010

Have just finished reading this gripping story...This book made me cry at the end...My swedish friends sent me this book asking for my opinion. I just thanked them for the opportunity to read such a touching story!
Thank you for the emotions I felt while reading!!!

» Lilia / Russia

The light   posted on 15 November 2009

I snatched Shooting Butterflies from my flatmate's bookshelf (Glenn Collins he is:) - spent all of today snuggled in bed, then took it with me to the walk in London Fields to hear the rustling of leaves, rushed back home to continue exploring the light. I think this image I took few months ago in the woods of a small island on Lake Baikal captures best the way I feel your writing. I am happy I felt like 'borrowing' Shooting Butterflies in the late hours of last night. Thank you.

» Asya Gefter / London

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